Sunday, 3 February 2013

Long time no blogging

I started my new job in the beginning of January. I'm walking on eggshells I'm so worried my new boss won't like me. My mind knows this is unnecessary but my heart doesn't. This is of course making me awkward, I'm so obviously trying to please it's rather pathetic.
A friend of mine, from my former workplace, sent me an email the other day just to catch up and I told her about those feelings. She was one of the Three Musketeers so she knows, she was there. It helped me a lot just putting this in words and telling somebody.
Last week I had a little trouble, these kids want to be on their computers and smart phones all the time but I won't allow them, strangely enough. Anyways, two guys complained about me because they have a learning disability and have a right to use their computers (and stay on Facebook). You want to guess what the rector did? Supported me! I almost wanted to cry I was so relieved.

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