Sunday, 11 November 2012

Denzel Washington's tweet.

Actors and other entertainers are using Social Media nowadays to maintain their visibility and interact, in a way, with their fans.
I was on Twitter the other day when I noticed that someone on my list had retweeted something Denzel Washington had put on his Twitter page.

As you can see I replied to this because it just rubbed me the wrong way.
Please, don't get me wrong here. I like Denzel Washington, I might even be considered a fan.
If you check out his Twitter page you can see his tweets are mostly some sayings or quotes. He probably has some Book of quotes he types regularly from just to be there on Twitter and 'in the game.' That is mostly the point for famous people tweeting. If it is him, at all. It could be, and most probably is, some secretary or an assistant who takes care of his tweets. They are, none the less, in his name.

This quote annoys me on so many levels I don't even know where to begin.
First of all: What is a 'good' woman? What does that include?
It is rather necessary to know because if the woman isn't 'good' she doesn’t deserve to be treated 'right'. (If she is good...)
So, if the woman isn't 'good' whatever that means and is, the man in question (that you in the quote) is allowed, and supposed, to treat her in any other way than 'right'. The worst part is that there are, unfortunately,  a lot of men who consider themselves the judge and jury on women's behaviour and more often than not women can hardly ever do anything 'right' in their opinion and need to be punished. And now Denzel Washington himself has said that that is quite justifiable.
For a woman being a human being is obviously not enough to be treated right. Oh, no. She has to behave to be treated right.
And if the woman behaves and is  found worthy to be treated right by her lord and master she will be in such an awe and so grateful she will be a loyal subject to this wonderful man forever and ever.
I am aware this is not the message Mr. Washington is sending his young and impressionable fans. I know he means well. But this is thoughtlessness. His words matter.


  1. Interesting idea. Though I can't help but feel like you're inserting ideas into the post that aren't necessarily there.

    Sure, "treat her right and if she's a good women..." could mean "you don't have to treat her right if she's not." But it could also mean "if you treat her right and she's not loyal, then she wasn't a good woman and thereby not worth your time or heartache." Or, more to the point, "loyalty when treated right is the test of goodness."

    It's an interesting question, but I'm always skeptical of critiques of men calling on other men to treat women well that fixate over whether it's possible to infer something sinister by rearranging words and ideas.

  2. I believe Mr. Washington had best intentions when posting this. But the wording is unfortunate. Because, as you said, it could be read either way.