Friday, 20 September 2013

Nothing short of a murder

I have always believed that the truth would prevail, that one day everyone would see and acknowledge the truth. But years have passed and this hasn't happened yet and I've beginning to have doubts.

So, now, just for myself, I'm going to write this down in a chronological order just to get this out of my system. Then I can tell myself: The truth is out there.

A new music teacher, G, is hired temporarily as a principal over the music school while the former one takes a leave of absence. G, is the only applicant. Single mom who moves across the country with two children. As there is a constant shortage of children in our schools they are a nice addition. The kids themselves are not very happy with being uprooted like this but they have of course little choice in the matter. By time they get friends and like it very much.
As time passes it comes clear that the Principal, H, and her lackeys don't like G very
much. When the former Music school principal decides not to come back the Music school is changed to a subdivision in the school so there is no need for a principal any longer but a head of department. G is not offered the job. She is hurt and insulted and wants to be asked. Then there is another applicant, a young man from outside The European Economic area, then G hurries and applies for the job. She has the education and all the qualifications that is asked for in the advertisement. Still, the young man AND his wife are hired. Suddenly this job has grown from 100% to 160%!
G has to move away with her children and move across the country to yet another new place.
Then G makes a complaint to the ministry and many months later, after delay after delay, the ministry rules that the school was wrong. Nothing happens.
G brings this to court and after many months of waiting it comes before a judge. That was last March. We are still waiting for the verdict:(

I'm fired. 

A young woman, E, from Germany had been working in the Kindergarten from ca. 2005. She is a teacher (not kindergarten teacher, though) and the one with the most education working there at the time.
Suddenly there are so many children in the kindergarten that it has to be split up and another subdivision is made which occupies part in the school. E is made head of this new department, not because of her education or she was asked first but because no-one else wanted to. With her is a young woman, D. 
This goes on for one year. Then there are so few children in kindergarten there is no need for the subdivision any longer so it closes. E and D are fired. The argument: Their department was closed down.

Last year there were again many children in kindergarten so the subdivision was opened again. This year they are not so many so there is no longer need for the subdivision. The two women who worked there last year were, strangely enough, not laid off. They of course have the right connections.

Then there has been trouble in the kindergarten and one woman resigned because of the indignant manner she was treated. I don't know enough about this, though.

Since most of the women working in the kindergarten don't have the education required their jobs have to be advertised. D, who was fired in 2011 had gotten a part time job for a while and then a steady job. Her job is advertised and she applies. She is not hired, even though she lives there and has experience working. No, the principal's daughter is hired. D who is a single mom has to move away. 


 There is bullying problem in the school. Children and parents are unhappy. The school never acknowledges there is bullying going on. A psychologist is brought in who says: "Children have to be allowed to exclude the ones they don't like." One parent is so displeased she writes a letter to the educational comity and (sic) the Municipal to complain about the principal and this psychologist. This letter is never brought to the country council and I only know of it through acquaintances. Nothing happens.

Last year E visited me and we were chatting among other things about the principal's daughter employment. Then she said: "It doesn't matter what the principal does she gets away with anything."  I looked at my new born and realized this woman would be a part of my life for the next 16 years. I changed schools.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Mixed tape.

Being the eighties child that I am (born in the seventies!) I like mixed tapes. The tape recorder is long gone and now I do it in the computer but... I still do it.
This weekend I've been trying to make The Perfect Rock Playlist (because I don't have enough to do, like grading exams and cleaning the house, ugh). There are songs that there is of course no doubt about but then there are others.
Anyways, these are the sure bets.

That's alright my mama, with Presley.

(Like there was ever any question about that.)

While my guitar gently weeps. The Beatles.

Me and Bobby McGee with Janis.

Paint it black with The Stones.

Then there must be something with The Doors. I'm leaning towards Alabama song.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Long time no blogging

I started my new job in the beginning of January. I'm walking on eggshells I'm so worried my new boss won't like me. My mind knows this is unnecessary but my heart doesn't. This is of course making me awkward, I'm so obviously trying to please it's rather pathetic.
A friend of mine, from my former workplace, sent me an email the other day just to catch up and I told her about those feelings. She was one of the Three Musketeers so she knows, she was there. It helped me a lot just putting this in words and telling somebody.
Last week I had a little trouble, these kids want to be on their computers and smart phones all the time but I won't allow them, strangely enough. Anyways, two guys complained about me because they have a learning disability and have a right to use their computers (and stay on Facebook). You want to guess what the rector did? Supported me! I almost wanted to cry I was so relieved.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas is coming

I'm not blogging very much these days. I'm just looking forward to Christmas, preparing and spending time with my children. Love them, love our time together. I'm starting work in the New Year so I'm savoring our time now.

In Iceland we have 13 Santa Clauses. They will start coming from their home in the mountains 13 days before Christmas and then our kids will start getting something, candy or toy, in the shoe. They put one on the window sill and the Santa coming down will give them something. Unless they have been naughty then they will get a potato.

If you are interested you can read more about these guys here.